Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 2nd

Well, we have finished school work for the year but there will still be plenty of learning going on. I have found this last term very tiring and have finished early after discovering that when i thought i only had 1 week left i actually had three. I am planning for us to do a bit of work in the holidays but for now i need a rest.

Yesterday we had a homeschool excursion to the fire station to learn about fire safety. It was good fun but unfortunately was cut short due to a fire somewhere in town.

We have started doing an advent thing from my friends blog:

THe next few weeks are going to be busy with musical theatre rehearsals. THe concert is next weekend. WE have two long (5hr) rehearsals this week in the evenings which will mean late nights and grumpy kids, WE have tried to prepare in advance for this and will prepare some meals tomorrow (Sat) and have scheduled sleeps during the days.

Other things we have been doing:

Making Christmas biscuits

Christmas cards

Practicing ball skills

Watching Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter

Planet Earth series

Christmas pageant is tonight

Kid club service is this sunday, Josiah is playing a sheep.

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