Tuesday, November 22, 2011

22nd November

I am counting down to the holidays. I keep forgetting to blog about our school days.
We finished our science course today and only have two weeks of maths and phonics left, next week will be revision.
Today Josiah spent a long time reading a graphic novel i borrowed from the library for him. Reading is definitely his favourite thing at the moment and looks forward to reading in bed with his light on at night.
He also spent a bit of time playing lego by himself.
This afternoon we had a presentation of awards for the "make it a fresh snack" poster competition.

Josiah won first prize in the poster competition that i blogged about : http://hardinghomeschool.blogspot.com/2011/10/yesterday-i-was-feeling-very-very-tired.html

Receiving his prize

In front of the winning entries, his is top left.

The certificate

His prize was a $200 voucher for the local surf shop, not really an ideal prize for a 5 year old. We went there to see what we could buy but couldn't find anything suitable or that we were willing to pay money for. We made a deal with him that we would buy him some lego and that we will buy some things that we need from the shop in exchange, he was very happy with this arrangement.

I was suprised and very proud that he won. i

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