Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 3, Term 1 2012

This week and the end of last started really hard, Josiah has developed a poor attitude towards schoolwork and is procrastinating to the MAX!
This has caused us to have a closer look at the way we do things and whether we are a bit heavy on the bookwork side of things and not enough fun happening. I have been reading a few different homeschool blogs including this one:

I think we do need to do a bit more lighter and fun stuff, but i am struggling to see how i can fit anything else in to our week. I think this is going to take some serious thinking and reorganising of my life and priorities and about how i view homeschooling.

We did some brainstorming about how we can get him to do the necessary bookwork but trying not to force him to do it. This recent poor attitude is coincided with bad behaviour in many areas of his life so a complete overhaul or reminding of the boudaries and why we are in charge is necessary.

So far this is working and his attitude has improved. We have discovered that anything to do with writing with a pencil he procrastinates. This is something we are going to ask other teachers about and our friend who is specialising in special needs/dyslexia. He often confuses letters and numbers, writes them backwards and subsitutes appropriate words when he is reading.

A friend on facebook posted a link to:
So today we attempted sewing for the first time. These are the results of our sewing:

The finished Product

The finished product

Sewing in action!

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