Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 7, Term 1 2012

We have had a long weekend in South Australia and we took the opportunity to lay a new floating floor in our school room. It looks lovely and neat and very smooth. Here is a photo, sorry it is sideways!

 Because we had to take everything out i had a chance to sort out the bookshelves, here it is all neat and tidy, with the new floor!

Yesterday morning Josiah and Simon spent some time making some models that they had been given in the past couple of months:
Model Plane


These last two pictures are a model of a town we made this morning.

We have changed the way that we do school at the moment in that we let Josiah choose which subjects he wants to do each day and then we tick them off from a list. There is one condition is that he needs to do phonics everyday or else he would leave it all till the last day and have too much work to do! It is working really well and in the last 2 weeks we have finished most of our school work early and have had Fridays off.

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