Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15th

We had a day at home today preserving, we made pasta sauce, tomato paste and onion marmalade. Well, actually i did most of it and the kids came and went, did a bit here and went back to playing.

This is Josiah at family night last night.

Josiah had his first piano lesson today, i taught him after we had done some phonics. Initially he was resistant to the idea and now he wont leave the piano alone. I don't want to force him to learn but i think it will be a good skill to have. He seems keen at the moment so we will run with it for now.

Josiah watched the crocodile hunter vol 11, he still loves Steve Irwin. He also finished a small kids novel he has been reading about chocolate. We will go to the library tomorrow and get some new books.

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