Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1st November

A better day today, a bit less tired and a bit more motivated.
This morning Josiah wrote a letter to his Nanny on a piece of brown paper covered in drawings he did.
He was very helpful to me this morning with the housework and actually did a lot of the tasks that i asked of him.
All the kids helped me make a second batch of orange and date pikelets for snack time, Anna in particular enjoyed mixing and spooning the mixture into the hot frying pan.
Today i made a wordsearch for Josiah's word list, which was something new and different to help learn his words.
He had a good attitude throughout school today and we achieved a lot.
We spent a bit of time in the garden today planting peanuts, corn and carrots.
We have been putting shredded paper mulch on the existing plants as we don't have any straw.

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