Monday, October 31, 2011

31st October

We had a big weekend away this weekend and are all a bit sluggish and tired today. We had a discussion in the car on the way home yesterday about how I can make my life a bit easier and keep on top of the housework a bit more. I have tried before and have decided to give it another go. I found in the past it was very helpful but I would forget about it all or get out of routine and find it hard to get back into it. We are going to try and make it a bit more of a family effort with hubby helping out a couple of times a week so I don't feel like I am the only one doing anything. This morning I did 15 minutes of kitchen/breakfast clean up and 15 minutes in the current zone and I have also added 5 mins in the school room, but am thinking of increasing it on the days I have more time. Hopefully this routine will help to keep on top of the housework a bit more and allow me to feel as though I don't spend all of my time doing housework but feel as though I achieve some each day. I have also included time each day for washing as there is always lots to do. Flylady says that a load a day keeps the chaos away, so I am trying to do this too, by washing, sorting and putting it away on the same day I hope to get on top of it.

This morning Josiah spent a bit of time doing reading eggs on the computer. He was learning about reading rules, capitals and full stops etc.
We had a Fight to get him to give back my phone on which he has been playing games and then we started our school work with some bad attitude. I was tempted for both of us to go to bed because we are so tired but I persevered and Am glad we did. We had quite a successful bookwork time and ran out of time before we hd finished to go and pick Anna up from kindy.

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