Friday, October 28, 2011

Yesterday i was feeling very, very tired at the end of the day and actually went to bed before the kids did, and so i didn't blog.

Yesterday Josiah's friend came with us to playgroup at the kindy around the corner. It was an open day and there were lots of young children there. It was great. The boys spent a lot of time shooting baskets with a small basketball ring. They spent most of the time outside playing.

Anna was at kindy for the whole day yesterday and so we had a quiet afternoon. After doing a small amount of bookwork, Josiah and i sat down to watch the third episode of Planet Earth which was title freshwater. I fell asleep a couple of times during it and can't tell you what it's about except for fish and grizzly bears.

Josiah also went to play with another friend in our street after he got home from school.

Today we had an easy school day too. We didn't do any bookwork because we had finished it all. I bought home a poster competition entry for him to do. Today he made his poster. The entry form said posters could be drawn, painted, collage, digital imagery or photos. I explained this to him and he chose a collage with photos. The theme of the poster was Make it a Fresh snack.

He cut pictures out of junk mail and we talked about fresh snacks and healthy food as he did it.
He also wanted to take some photos for his poster so we made some fresh snacks:

Traffic Lights

Funny Faces

The finished product

Tonight Josiah had kids club, they are starting to learn about christmas as it is last term. He came home with a sheep that he had made and a shepherd. He explained to me that shepherds are like farmers and they look after sheep.

Today i downloaded a great Christmas resource that my friend Stacie wrote

You can get it from her blog

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