Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18th October

Not much extra school work done today, Josiah helped me to clean the house this morning which was very helpful of him. The kids also helped me with the grocery shopping, I asked them to choose the cheapest loaf of bread and they had to compare the prices of two brands of bread. Josiah correctly chose the cheaper one.

We also looked at some labels on some skin care products and listed the ingredients in them. Anna was most interested about a face cream which contained mud.

We had a guest for lunch so we didn't have as much time for school work this afternoon. Josiah decided that he would try to do twice as much work today so he wouldn't have to do school tomorrow. I thought this was clever of him and let him try. He didn't quite get 2 days worth of work done today, but he will only have a small amount of work to do tomorrow.

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