Sunday, October 23, 2011

24th October

We have had a really big weekend at a Missionary Conference which was excellent. They ran a children's program with a group from OAC ministries at the start of a tour of the Eyre Penninsula. The kids had a great time with this and Josiah attended all sessions, even those at night. I am not too sure about specifically what was taught but they were very active and very loud! Josiah was the youngest of the group and they looked after him well. He enjoyed himself very much and enjoyed playing with the bigger boys in particular.
Today being Monday, we started a new word list for Phonics, but we are all a bit tired and patience is low. We finished Phonics and Maths for our bookwork but didn't do any science. I have decided that this weeks science is stuff we have done many, many times before and am altering it a bit. We are growing alfalfa sprouts.

A book called lets teach Art came in the post today along with a new science book for when we are finished our current science course. I ordered the Art book because i don't really know much about it or how to go about teaching it. It was written with homeschooling parents in mind and i think will be a useful resource. It is a year 1 book.

Josiah and Anna spent much of this morning creating things out of some special scrapbooking type paper that Anna got for her birthday. The creation is still in progress and currently takes up the kitchen table. Not sure what we'll do with it for dinner!

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