Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25th October

Josiah had a friend come for a visit this morning and they played on and off. They couldn't agree on something to play, or stick to something for a decent period of time.
When Anna went to kindy, Simon did some maths with Josiah. He has been home sick the past couple of days and has been able to help me with the homeschooling a bit. Josiah really loves it when Dad teaches him school and it helps me feel like i'm not in it by myself.

Josiah's reading amazes me everytime i hear him read. Yesterday after he came into our room first thing in the morning he went and read a whole box of readers that his Nanny had borrowed from the library. His reading is quite fluent and he really enjoys it. We have started reading a book together called Jungle Doctor and the whirlwind, which i bought at the conference on the weekend. I plan to read him a chapter or two each night before bed.

We borrowed/hired the DVD documentary called planet earth and watched the first episode of this today. It was title Pole to Pole and full of lots of migration and other animal stories, starting at the poles and working in towards the equator.
He was puzzled about the difference between a cheetah and a leopard. After watching this, the kids played/acted a game where lion's and cheetahs were chasing an impala. I was pleased to see they learnt the name of a new animal. We plan to watch the next episode tomorrow sometime.

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