Wednesday, October 19, 2011

20th October

Today Anna had kindy in the morning and Josiah's friend Christopher came over. We walked to the kindy around the corner for play group. The playgroup is actually for under 5's and we went mostly for Rachel's benefit. Josiah and Christopher are both too old but we are investigating if they can join in too.

Whilst there, they played on swings, hit balls with golf clubs, and made a drum out of paper and a tin. They also had reading time and healthy snacks. Today's theme was red food so they tried grapes, strawberries, tomato, capsicum and radish. Josiah ate everything in his bowl.

The playgroup called this afternoon and said they would make an exception for the boys age because it will be another socialisation opportunity for them.

We didn't have a very good book work time this afternoon, it ended in Josiah in time out. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

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