Wednesday, October 19, 2011

19th October

Today is Wednesday, and on Wednesday we usually try to go to the story time at the library. The children really love this because the toy library is on at the same time and there are lots of toys to play with there.
At Story time, the library lady sings songs, says rhymes and reads a story to the kids. The kids then do a craft activity related to the story and have a word to learn each week. I think this is a great school like activity to do and i don't have to organise it or clean up! It is also another opportunity for socialisation with other kids. Today's story was The Green Sheep, a favourite in our household. The kids made crazy coloured sheep collages afterwards, sticking all sorts of mediums to their sheep.

When we left the library, we noticed a tent in the middle of the park and went to investigate on our way to the post office. It was delightful to discover a solar car and a team of solar car drivers showing off their vehicle. The world solar challenge is racing from Darwin to Adelaide at the moment and this team were going ahead showing a car to promote solar cars. Most of the information about the solar car went over the kids heads but i think this is something we can follow up on later.

They also displayed a solar oven in which they were cooking bread. The kids were interested in this and i suggested we should attempt to make a solar oven sometime soon.

Josiah had musical theatre this afternoon, and is learning a dance for the end of year concert.

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